Canadian companies offering sponsorship

What does it mean to be “sponsored” by a Company in order for later have permanent residence?

The term “sponsor” refers to the act of lending support to an application through the means of a long-term job offer. Depending on the type of position being offered, the background of the foreign national, and the specific type of immigration procedures required, A company, university  or institution may choose to sponsor or support the application by signing certain immigration documents verifying that it is offering the employee a permanent position. An offer of a permanent position refers to an offer of a long-term position in Canada. Sponsorship for permanent residence does not constitute a guarantee of lifetime employment or of tenure. There are various categories of employment-based petitions and your employee’s placement in one of the categories is determined by various factors such as education and work experience.

If ou are the employer generally, the first step is to determine the most appropriate category for the potential employee by having the alien put a resume together and to speak to the employer regarding the job requirements and salary, among many other issues. As a sponsor, depending on the category, you may be required to obtain a labor certification issued by the Human Resources Canada. A labor certification is a mandatory test of  Canadian labor market proving that there are not qualified, willing, and able Canadian workers willing to take the offered position. The labor certification process is very intricate, as there are numerous time-sensitive deadlines and documentary requirements that must be fulfilled before a labor certification will be approved. Once a labor certification is approved, you submit that with an offer of employment, proof that the employer can pay the offered salary, the beneficiary’s education and/or work experience documents, and the filing fee to the respective canadian office with jurisdiction over the job site for further processing. Another option may be an work non-immigrant visa petition.

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