What’s the Deal with Sponsorship

Student Funding & Sponsorship. What’s the Deal with Sponsorship?

Industrial Sponsorship – also known as student sponsorship, is usually offered either in the third or the fourth year of a university degree course. Under this type of sponsorship, students may complete either a summer vacation placement or a full year out industrial placement, as part of their degree programme.

Full Course Sponsorship – fewer opportunities are available for full course sponsorship. In recent years there has been a decline in the number of companies offering full sponsorship. Through this type of sponsorship scheme, an employer sponsors a student for the full duration of their degree or diploma course.

Sometimes, most companies prefer to offer industrial sponsorship, which is seen to be more beneficial to both the individual and employer. For the individual it means that they are not tied to one employer for the duration of their course. From the employer perspective, they have a record of an individual’s performance on the course, and benefit from having students who have already gained a wide range of skills from their degree course.

A Guaranteed Job? – One of the prime reasons for companies offering sponsorship schemes is to try and attract the very best graduates early on in their career cycle. Some sponsorship does not guarantee you a job offer, although it may well lead to an offer. It is also worth remembering that you are under no legal obligation to accept a job offer from your sponsor.

FACT – Companies can recruit up to 50% of their graduate intake through industrial placements (Source: www.hinenimedia.memberlodge.org)

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