How to Obtain Nomination by province/Territory for regional Sponsorship ?

First of all anyone doing this application will need to get information on each individual province to see if his/her occupation is in demand. Most provinces  have 2 levels of sponsorship permanent and temporary based on their own occupations in demand lists.

How it helps individuals?

For foreign workers and international students, Opportunities Ontario may be a pathway to permanent resident status. However, it is important to understand that Opportunities Ontario is employer-driven. That means you can only apply if the position is approved and your employer provides you with a nominee application package from Opportunities Ontario.

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) is a dynamic program that was developed to respond to Canada provinces’s changing economic needs and therefore is regularly updated and enhanced in order to remain responsive to its economy.In addition, each province continues to introduce positive changes for immigrants such as The Fair Registration Practices in Regulated Professions Act, Worker Recruitment and Protection Act, and our new Settlement Strategy. These changes need to be reflected in our evolving provincial nominee program.

All of these changes to the PNP involve providing safer, fairer, clearer and more efficient information and opportunities to immigrants to encourage better settlement and labour market outcomes for those who choose to build their future in Canada.

What changes were made to the  Provincial Nominee Program?
We removed from the PNP the Occupations with Additional Requirements List so that skilled workers from all occupations with a strong connection to Canada are eligible to apply.

However, live-in caregivers must still apply through the specific Government of Canada program created for them and cannot apply under that occupation to the PNP.

All applicants must still be able to demonstrate their employability in any given province as well as a strong potential for retention and settlement success based on their documented education, training, work experience, language ability and adaptability. have introduced significant improvements to its website, one of the busiest sites about Canada living, application paperwork and job lead information, which will continue to be enhanced in order to provide more complete and useful information to applicants and newcomers to help them to settle successfully in Canada.


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