The Canadian employment market

With email and the Internet … it seems like international work has increased, particularly in Canada. Like a lot of people and students  nowadays, more are always interested in international opportunities.

Here are things to keep in mind:

The Canadian employment market – helps you to focus on the most relevant opportunities for you
Types of employer – large organisations, small and medium enterprises
Labour market statistics – chanelling your efforts towards the stronger sectors of the economy

Alternative work styles
Typical career or work patterns may not be practical for you, or you may be attracted to working patterns other than the usual 9 to 5.

Investigate other options.

Part-time work – gives you flexibility, so you can build your skills alongside other commitments
Temporary work – contract work, recruitment agencies
Home working – a popular option since the growth of internet access
Self-employment – what about setting up a business? Freelancing and consultancy
Contract work – the benefits and snags
Portfolio working – earn your income from a variety of sources
Voluntary work – gain insights into an area of work, enhance your CV

There have been a number of changes in the Canadian employment market over recent years.

The pace of change has increased as a result of information and communication technologies.
Employees have been less likely to remain for long periods with the same employer.
There are more flexible working patterns available.
Individuals have a greater responsibility for their ongoing development and training.
The current recession has inevitably led to fewer job opportunities and higher unemployment.

Types of employer

The public sector includes employers like the Civil Service, the Police and the National Health Service.
The private sector includes organisations of all sizes, from the big investment banks to the local shop.
There are non-profit making organisations, such as charities, that employ paid staff.
You might like to be your own boss and become self-employed.

Labour market statistics
Recent trends and how they might affect you

The current economic climate means that there is a lot of uncertainty within the labour market. This increases the need to carry out thorough research on the areas you are considering using a number of sources of information.

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