Unlocking the Canadian Hidden Job Market

How do you unlock the Canadian hidden job market? Well you’ll need to do some investigating to find hidden jobs. That means you’ll need to research specific companies. Find out: What companies in Canada employ workers in the position you’re seeking? Which are growing in size and might be hiring?

Research Canadian employers bybrowsing our database companies herewhich is specific for foreign workers or, try an old-fashioned method and consult a  local phone book. Once you’ve compiled your list, call or email the contacts and request an informational interview. An informational interview is a brief meeting between someone researching a career or industry and someone working already in that career or industry.

Informational interviews may not always lead to a job, but they’re generally time well-spent. You can get feedback on your skills and experience as well as make professional contacts. And, in the best cases, they can help you identify hidden jobs that haven’t been advertised.

When you’re embarking on a Canada job search, it is very helpful to first think about the types of jobs you could be happy with. You should think about the type of company, the type of co-workers you’d like to have, and what kind of responsibilities you would like to have so that you’re on a path to continual growth and progress in your career. The more well thought-out your vision is for your career, the easier the entire process will be.

Why is that? I would suggest that when employers hire candidates, they’re not just hiring you for what you can do today. They’re also hiring you for your potential and for how you could fit into the organization a year from now, two years from now, and longer. Hiring employees is always expensive, even in times of high unemployment. Therefore, employers have a strong incentive to hire candidates who they believe will stay a while.

The other part of your vision should include ways you can benefit the company you end up working for. If you want to become a top-producing salesperson, the benefit for the company would be increased sales. If you’re an entry-level computer programmer now and you want to become a senior-level programmer in two years, the benefit for the company is gaining an employee who will become increasingly valuable the longer you stay with them. It will help make your vision more concrete to employers and recruiters if you can tie it in with previous achievements. For example, if you want to be on the path to becoming a customer service manager and you’ve already had customers compliment you on your expertise or supervisors write good reviews of you, that is evidence that you have a commitment to your vision.

Once you have a resume that communicates what experiences you’ve had and how you’re prepared to fit into the vision you’ve created for your future, the next step is to generate leads.

Here are some specific steps you can take to generate leads:

Post your resume. Getting your resume on job boards is sort of like a business having a listing in the phone book. It enables recruiters who are looking for someone like you to find you easily. One of  the most popular job board is Monster.com. However, Monster is not necessarily the best site for every profession and every industry and help little where it comes to foreign trained workers.

A word of advice about posting your resume: most recruiters will locate your resume with keywords. Keywords are words or phrases that would be associated with the function you can perform. For example, an employer looking for a corporate lawyer might search on the terms “in-house lawyer,” “corporate attorney,” or “corporate lawyer.” So you should make sure any terms you can think of that an employer would search to find you are included in your resume somewhere. One way to do this is to vary the terminology you use in your resume. In describing your duties for a previous employer, you could refer to yourself as a “corporate lawyer” in one sentence and as an “in-house lawyer” in the next.

Network with other people. Networking is a powerful way to land a new job.

More information ? hinenisyndicator@gmail.com

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