Canada working conditions

In Canada, the worker is well-protected. There are many laws in relation to minimum wage levels and workers’ unions help enforce people’s rights. Many industries have their own tribunals to settle disputes between unions which represent the workers, the workers themselves and employers, and if this fails to resolve the issue, then persons can always seek settlement within the court system. Health and safety rights are guaranteed by the Workplace Safety and Health Act and the Canada Labour Code.

Minimum Wages
Minimum wage levels vary according to the industry worked in.

Unions are collective groups to which employees belong and act as representative bodies to protect workers’ rights. Workers’ rights, including the right to join a union, are partly protected by the Labour Code 1985.

Equal Opportunity Policy
Racial and gender slurs and activities in the workplace are also wholly unacceptable: under Canadian law, such activity constitutes a form of assault, and the person making the remark or doing the act may be charged under criminal law as well as prosecuted in civil law by the victim in order to receive damages to compensate for injuries sustained.

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