Temporary work in Canada requirements

Working temporarily in Canada: Jobs that require a work permit but no labour market opinionPeople in the following categories need a work permit but do not need a labour market opinion from Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC).

  • Workers covered under international agreements
  • Professionals, traders, investors and business people coming to Canada to work under certain international agreements
  • Entrepreneurs and intra-company transferees
  • Some types of entrepreneurs, workers transferring within a company, and other types of workers who will provide significant benefit to Canadians or permanent residents by working in Canada
  • Participants in exchange programs
  • People whose employment in Canada will provide similar employment to Canadians abroad, such as participants in youth exchange programs, teacher exchange programs or other reciprocal programs
  • Co-op students
  • Foreign students who are studying in Canada and who need to do co-op work placements as part of their program of study
  • Spouses
  • Spouses and common-law partners of certain foreign workers and of certain foreign students who are currently studying or working under the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program
    Spouses of certain foreign students may obtain a work permit without having to obtain a labour market opinion from HRSDC. This exemption applies to spouses who are not themselves enrolled in full-time studies.
    Eligibility criteria: To be allowed to work in this category, you must prove that you are the spouse of a student who holds a valid student permit and who is studying full time at a post-secondary institution—a university, a community college, a CEGEP, a technical or school of commercial studies—that is financed by the private or public sector and authorized by provincial law to award university degrees.
  • Academics and students
    Certain academics and students
  • Religious workers
  • People doing charitable or religious work
  • Others
  • Certain people who need to support themselves while they are in Canada for other reasons such as the refugee determination process
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