Provincial Nominee Programs across Canada

Provincial Nominee Programs

Generally to apply under any PNP programs skilled worker category you will need a guaranteed offer of employment first. Provincial Nominee Programs are employer-driven programs run by provincial governments in conjunction with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

If Canadian employers are unable to fill skilled labour positions they may apply for approval from the provincial government to recruit foreign candidates to fill the position. Note: (skilled worker must have specialized training and experience within their occupations and should be able to provide qualifications, references and documentation to support their case)

Canadian employers can also apply to the PN Program to nominate individuals already working in the province, under a Temporary Foreign Worker Authorization through HRDC.

The process is similar to somewhat similar to the HRDC process for Temporary work validation. Generally PN Programs consider applications where the position:

  • cannot be filled by a Canadian resident;
  • is for permanent, full-time employment;
  • meets provincial employment and wage standards;
  • is offered to an individual who meets the required qualifications; and
  • Does not conflict with existing collective bargaining agreements.
  • Candidates are generally considered for PN Program nomination if:
    They have Guaranteed Offer of Employment, which is a valid job offer and meet the above requirements

Most of the provinces would like to come out for visit and meet the employer and do some research on the chosen province. They also award 5 points for a visit. I would strongly recommend that if you can visit the province and meet your potential employer. There is no other way better than this as you can pick up lots of valuable information. You can make friends and net work with people who can assist you with settlement related issues. Key factor is to remain independent and make informed choices about your eventual move.

You can still apply for PNP if you have already lodged your application in Ontario. You will need the following to proceed with the PNP process:

  • A guaranteed job offer, once again the job offer has to be in skills shortage category.
  • The employer can not apply for a PNP where a Canadian can be trained and offered that position.
  • Your file number if you have one, copies of your application forms for permanent residency.
  • Information on offer of employment and the completed PNP application forms and letter of nomination from the employer.
  • If your application is successful, you will receive a nomination certificate and application for temporary work permit. This is relatively a new process to assist Ontario employers to access the nominated employees quickly to fill the shortage. It is also my understanding that PR applications are fast tracked if you are approved under the PNP.
  • Once you have received the Nomination certificate you will still have to meet the CIC federal requirements, passing your medicals, criminal and security checks before an immigration visa is issued.
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