Ontario Pilot PNP

The Ontario Pilot Provincial Nominee Program (Pilot PNP)

is Ontario’s first-ever nomination program. The Pilot PNP is designed to contribute to job creation, job retention and economic development by attracting new investment, and by helping employers in targeted sectors to attract and retain qualified employees for jobs for which there are currently labour-market needs. The Pilot PNP also supports government priorities by facilitating the immigration of professionals in the health care and education sectors.

Immigration is a cornerstone of Ontario’s economic prosperity and social fabric. More than half of all newcomers to Canada have chosen to settle in our province each year since 1987. Newcomers bring valuable skills and knowledge to Ontario’s labour market, energizing the province’s economy and making Ontario a destination of choice around the world. Historically, individuals could immigrate to Ontario only through the federal immigration system. The Pilot PNP will, for the first time, allow Ontario to have a role in the selection of its own newcomers.

Individuals who meet all Pilot PNP requirements may be nominated by the province for permanent residence as Provincial Nominees. Nominated individuals must then apply to Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). CIC then does all required processing (including medical and background admissibility checks) in order to issue work permits and/or grant permanent residence to applicants.

Basic facts:

In the first year, the Pilot PNP will nominate 500 individuals, many of whom are expected to be accompanied to Ontario by their family members. Ontario will nominate individuals by issuing a Provincial Nomination Certificate for applicants intending to work and live in Ontario after meeting all Pilot PNP requirements.

The Pilot PNP is employer-driven. This means that as a prospective nominee, you can only apply if your employer is pre-screened, the position is approved, and your employer provides you with a nominee application package from the Pilot PNP.

The Pilot PNP has two Categories: an Employer Category (450 positions) and a Multinational Investor Category (50 positions).

Applications are processed on a first-come-first-served basis subject to program criteria; therefore, the earlier that a qualifying employer applies, the greater the likelihood of securing a position.
Job criteria:

Jobs being considered for approval within the Pilot PNP must:

  • Be directly related to, and necessary for, the company’s core operations.
  • Be permanent, full-time positions.
  • Be among the eligible occupations included in the Pilot PNP Occupations List listed on this website.
  • International students are not restricted to this List.
  • Meet current wage levels for the profession or skilled occupation, or entry level wages for the occupation,
  • where the job is to be filled by an international student (you can learn more about wage levels at the Service Canada website).
  • Not affect the settlement of any labour dispute or affect the employment of a person involved in such a dispute, or adversely affect employment or training opportunities for Canadian citizens or permanent residents in Ontario.
  • Address one or more of the objectives of the Pilot PNP.
  • Be offered to individuals who meet the criteria for the offered employment.

About full-time employment

A permanent full-time job consists of 1,950 hours of paid employment in a 12-month period. The following are not considered permanent, full-time employees, even if they work 1,950 hours in a 12-month period:

Seasonal, cyclical or part-time employees regardless of their working hours
Subcontractors or agency workers
Employees who do not work on the company’s premises, such as employees who work from home, or employees who work in a ‘virtual’ location and serve the employer by telecommuting.

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