Find a Canadian Job Opportunity

Start Your Job Search Before You Emigrate

1. Ensure that your English meets the required standard in all areas: reading, writing, speaking and listening.

2. Decide  which specific field(s) of work hold the best promise for you. Know what your occupation is called in Canada, and the labour market conditions that apply to it.  

3. Know what you must do to have your current occupational credentials recognized. Be prepared to spend a lot of time and money in this process.

4. If you cannot meet those qualifications immediately, know what alternative occupations will accept your present qualifications, and the labour market conditions of each.

5. Become familiar with the issues, people, tools and industries related to your occupation in Canada. Join on-line forums and e-mail lists that talk about your interests. Seek out opportunities to correspond with professional colleagues in your industry. Ask people you know for introductions to contacts in your field of interest. As you meet new people, ask them for the same.

6. Prepare a list of questions that arise from your current research, to ask of people in your chosen industry. Ask for information and advice, not for a job. 

7. Find out what qualities and assets employers lookfor in their workers in your occupation. Get several opinions about this, from employers and colleagues in Canada, before you leave your country of origin.

8. Become familiar with the current computer skills that your industry uses in Canada.

9. Practise writing resumes and cover letters that answer the question, “What would be the qualities of the perfect candidate for this position?”, and that show how you have those qualities. Be ready to write a different resume for every individual employer that you contact, based on your understanding of that particular employer’s needs.
10. Be prepared with enough money to last for a lengthy job search (8 to about 14 months or more) once you arrive in Canada.

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