Getting a work permit in Canada

There are two ways to get into Canada, temporarily (with a visa, “to visit”) and permanently (with permanent residence, “to immigrate”).  If you currently past having 67 points. I will be briefly explaining about the process of finding  a canadian job and getting the work permit.  

1. An employer must prove to HRDC (Human Resources Development Canada) that there is no Canadian citizen or permanent resident who can do the job. There are some occupations where this requirement is not in force, including live-in caregivers and some IT professionals.

2. If you have 67 points or more to apply for permanent residence. I’m not sure if you’re aware, but  residence is totally different than a work permit. For permanent residence, you do not need to have a job offer, nor does there need to be any proof that your job cannot be done by a Canadian. It does take much longer to process (over 8 months), and you need to have $10,000 in funds available to settle in Canada. As a permanent resident, you have just about all the same rights as a Canadian, except for the right to vote. A work permit, by contrast, is tied to a job and can expire.

3.  If you are under 30 you might be able to apply for a work and travel visa. It gets you into the country and can look for work. It may not apply to all nationalities. If you decide you want to stay after it runs out (12 months) you can start the permanent residence process. (it’s about $3000 plus a lot of forms to fill out, info to gather, doctors visits, etc.) so make sure you *really* want it!

If you decide to immigrate as a skilled worker (in other words, if you’d like to live in Canada permanently), your chances are probably better overall, but it will not happen by this Spring. You are looking at a wait of at least a 8 months.  I would highly recommend  our immigration lawyer

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