What is Job offer Validation?

Q. What is Job offer Validation?

A. Job Offer Validation is a process by which a Canadian government body determines whether a particular job offer made by a Canadian employer to a foreign individual should be approved (validated).

HRDC confirmation is based on successfully establishing each of the following requirements:

The offer of employment is genuine;
The wages and working conditions of the employment would be sufficient to attract and retain Canadians; and
The employment is full-time and not seasonal.
Job Offer Validation is a process by which a Canadian government body determines whether a particular job offer made by a Canadian employer to a foreign individual should be approved (validated).

Exemption From Canada Employment Validation

Certain persons may be granted employment authorization without first obtaining validation of the job offer from Canada Employment. Included in this exemption from Canada employment validation are, among others, “intra-company transferees”. ntra-company transferees are generally defined as “persons in senior executive and managerial positions who carry a letter from a company carrying on business in Canada, which identifies the holder as an employee of a branch, subsidiary or parent of that company located outside of Canada and who seeks to enter Canada to work at a senior executive or managerial level for a temporary period, at a permanent and continuing establishment of that company in Canada”. Also exempt from the employment validation requirements of Canada Employment are persons entering Canada “where there is no doubt that the admission of the foreign worker does indeed represent significant benefits for Canada, either by creating or maintaining employment benefits or generating other benefits and opportunities not directly related to employment.

For instance Hineni operates a Canada Health and Medical Care Job Search service

We assist foreign skilled medical workers in fulfilling immigration requirements by obtaining job offers and work validations time-efficiently and professionally. We provide quality service to bridge the gap between immigration and job validation.


  • Temporary work permit
  • Permanent residency
  • Relocation with a source of income upon arrival


  • Legal immigration in a short period of time
  • Income upon arrival
  • Work that is directly related to your occupation and industry sector
  • Security and high standard of living that North America offers


  • 3-6 month timeframe for job offer


  • Email your current resume, clearly stating your occupation for our initial assessment
  • Submit $250 USD to enrol in the program
  • Prepare to engage in telephone interview screening with employer
  • Prepare all necessary supporting documents such as copy of diploma/degree, copy of license (if applicable) and any other certificates, copy of school transcripts, minimum of 2 letters of reference, proof of citizenship, police clearance, educational credentials, work reference letters, etc.
  • Retain legal immigration assistance by hiring a qualified immigration lawyer/consultant


  • Upon receipt of $250 USD (non-refundable) registration fee, we will screen your resume and commence job search
  • $1,600 USD due when is a match is found between the employer and the foreign skilled worker resulting in a job offer

To see if you qualify for this program, please send your detailed CV/resume by e-mail to hinenisyndicator@gmail.com

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