Foreign-trained workers:employment tips


Do you need a license in order to work? Depending your field, not necessarily. For instance Psychologists and social workers need a license to practice psychotherapy whether in an organization or in their own private practice. However, there are many jobs available that do not require a license and that utilize the skills and knowledge of psychologists and social workers. Most of these job opportunities are with “Community Based Organizations” or CBO’s that provide a range of social services.

CBO’s are non-governmental organizations which are private and not for profit, commonly known as non-profit organizations. Generally these organizations are funded through a mix of government funds and private donations. Services provided by non-profit or community based organizations include services for youth, children and the elderly; services to persons with disabilities including mental health disabilities, services for abused women, services to persons with substance abuse problems etc.

Should you validate your education/credentials? Most employers will not require you to validate your credentials. However, since employers are generally not familiar with the education systems of other countries, it may be helpful for them to see the equivalency of your education in Canada. Some employers may also be interested in seeing the course content of your education.

What about having work experience in Canada? Employers generally look for people with experience with the populations the serve. For example, if you are applying for a job as a “youth counselor”, the employer will want to see that you have experience working with young people. You need to decide your areas of interest in the human services field and consider doing some volunteer work in those areas to increase your opportunities of employment. Volunteer work can give you valuable experience in Canada, connect you with other professionals and facilitate local letters of recommendation.


A Psychologists and social workers  can find jobs under diferent 

Job Titles/Position Description : • Counselor • Case manager • Outreach Worker • Social Worker • Residential Counselor
Job Areas • Human Services • Social Services • Health Services • Non-profit Sector • Substance Abuse • Children Services • Youth Services • Senior Services

Evaluation of Credentials • International Education Research Foundation• Council on Social Work Education      (social workers only)

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