Arranged Employment in Canada (I)

Matching Canadian Employers with Prospective Immigrants

Arranged Employment is one of the six factors under Canada’s new points system for selecting immigrants under the Skilled Worker category. It is essentially a genuine job offer by a Canadian employer that is approved (validated) by Human Resources & Skills Development Canada (HRSDC).

We are currently running our very successful Employment Matching Program which has helped many immigrants fulfill their dreams of living and working in Canada. It has equally benefited many Canadian employers as well.

The concept is simple and straight-forward:

We have an extensive database of skilled professionals outside Canada and an elaborate network of employers and recruiters. We help foreign workers secure ‘Arranged Employment’ in Canada and help Canadian employers fill shortages by providing highly skilled and experienced workers after validation.

Our Quality of Service guarantee: At Hineni, we stand by our commitment to honesty, integrity and service. We are proud to provide an exclusive 100% Quality of Service Guarantee* to all clients, candidates and employers alike.

What is the difference between Work Permit & Arranged Employment?

Arranged Employment is not the same thing as a work permit.  A work permit allows you to come to Canada to work for a specific employer for a period of at least one year (and is renewable).  Before you obtain a work permit, your prospective employer must satisfy HRSDC that there is nobody in Canada who can fulfill the job requirements.  If HRSDC approves the job offer and gives a positive Labour Market Opinion, you can apply for a work permit at a Canadian visa office near you.  This process is relatively short. You can be in Canada in 2-3 months.

Arranged Employment only allows you to obtain extra points for your Skilled Worker immigration application.

Will the prospective Canadian employer contact me?

We introduce you to the employer by presenting your employability portafolio, credentials and abilities fully to the employer. Sometimes, the employer may contact you before they make a final commitment to support your Arranged Employment application.

Does Arranged Employment speed up the processing time?

Yes, the Visa Offices are supposed to give priority to Skilled Worker applicants who have secured Arranged Employment.

How else can Arranged Employment help my application?

In certain cases, the Visa Officers may not award you sufficient points for your education or employment if they are not convinced that they meet the requirements of the current legislation. In those instances, your application will be saved by the extra points secured by AE. This is particularly important for applicants who score the minimum passmark with uncertainties surrounding their work experience or education.

How can we make sure that you deliver what you promise?

We are a legally registered company in Canada. We have many lawyers and consultants who are our clients or who refer us business from around the world. We take pride in fulfilling our promise. We are very selective in who our clients are.

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