Canadian Jobseekers – Know Yourself – Your Values

Do you know what it takes to get a job?
Is it training? Experience? Contacts?

If you think all those things are important you’re getting warm. These days Canadian employers are asking for more, much more from the people they hire – they want to know if you are the type of person who will fit into the organization and will grow with the job. In other words, they are looking for employability skills.

Employability skills are basic work  skills that you have used and will use in almost every work situation.

They are needed to help you get work, keep work and progress in your work.

A recent survey in Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta asked small and medium sized business leaders what skills they looked for in employees. Here is what they said:



knowing the business
Act with “common sense” in the work context. This means acting in a way that is sensitive and responsive to customer expectations and needs, dealing effectively with customers; talking and writing in a way that is relevant to the organisation through knowledge of the business and its activities; identifying with the company.
exploiting information technology
Be willing to learn new uses of information technology.
behaving appropriately
Act ethically and with integrity; be productive, co-operative, accountable, responsible, flexible and positive (especially about change).
speaking and listening
Receive, comprehend and interpret complex instructions; talk with, provide to and seek and clarify information from co-workers, customers, clients and those in authority, in person and by telephone.
writing clearly and to the point, consistently conforming to grammatical conventions and using correct spelling.
maintaining personal standards
Be concerned with personal well being; maintain standards of hygiene and dress, which conform to an organisation’s expectations.
handling numbers
Extract and record numerical data and carry out calculations with high levels of accuracy, involving addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and the use of percentages.
responding to problems
Be alert at work and be able to identify, investigate,and evaluate potential and actual problems; be able to report them concisely and clearly orally and in writing.
continually learning
Take responsibility for own learning, learn through working with others, from manuals and from mistakes.
Manage the use of time; master, plan and undertake a number of activities, which are inter-related or overlap in time.
working in teams
Work within and contribute to the effectiveness of a team, respecting differences; take responsibility and be willing to make decisions.
using equipment
Set up and operate equipment that can require selection from options or different settings.
Read to extract information and to interpret instructions from short notes and prose.
Canada has identified and made a list of the basic employability skills necessary for today’s and tomorrow’s workforce. employability skills generally fit into three categories:

1.Academic skills
2.Personal management skills 
3.Teamwork skills.

Transferable Skills are learned and developed through our life experiences…for example, through schooling, volunteer work, paid employment, leisure activities. These skills can be used in and “transferred” to a variety of situations, such as work, family, or social setting.

Identify your transferable workplac skills getting your own employability report :

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