Tips For Finding a Job in Canada

There are more work opportunities out there than you think!  Here are some useful tips for finding employment.

Use Different Resumes For Different Jobs
Have different resumes for different jobs.  Make sure your resume highlights skills needed for the job applied for.  Do not submit a graphic designer resume for a web developer job, even if graphic design is a small part of web development.

Use Different Cover Letters For Different Jobs
Most job descriptions list desirable attributes and qualifications.  When applying for a job, use that job description to write a cover letter describing how you match those qualifications and why you would be a good candidate for the job.   Keep it short, however, so concentrate on the most important attributes.

Use Job Boards
You can use our specific Job Boardwith  information on who recruits full time, by industry and participates in co-op work/study programs.  Or you can create accounts on job boards such as Workopolis ( ), , etc. ( ) these sites have a free email notification service, which notifies you when jobs become available that match your skills and preferences.

Polish Your Interviewing Skills
The more you practice interviewing, the more comfortable you are.  You can also plan and prepare the best answers to a variety of questions, which will give you an edge as you won’t have to think of something on the spot.  Even with unexpected questions you can use your prepared answers to guide you.

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