Being new and looking for work in Canada

If you are new in Canada. Here’s how this tips can help you.

Learn about working in the province you are settling:
Find out how to qualify for employment, get a license for your profession, or take part in special programs that help newcomers start their careers in that province.

Become certified in the trades: If you work in the trades, see our topics for Foreign-Trained Tradespeople to learn how you can be certified to work in the different provinces.

Build your literacy, math and basic skills: Improve your reading, writing and mathematics skills, and build basic technical skills for work through Literacy and Basic Skills Programs.

Learn English or French: Get training in either of Canada’s two official languages through language training services.

Get personalized career help: Talk to a professional counsellor and get the help you need to plan your career, get training, and find a job or subscribe to our subscription services.

Get job hunting tools and information: Learn about which jobs are in demand, and get job hunting information.

Find jobs: Subscribe to our listing.

Learn new job- hunting skills: find out how to write Cover Letters and Résumés, and prepare for Job Interviews. Subscribe to our database.

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