How does a co-op program work?

How does a co-op program work?
A co-operative educational path is usually completed over more than one semester. It includes work assignments in organizations and/or businesses related to your academic and career interests. The typical program involves alternating terms of full-time classroom study with terms of full-time, discipline-related employment.

This allows you to integrate your academic studies with work experiences in an employer’s organization. The time spent working in the employer’s organization provides you with not only a credit toward your degree/diploma but also with the opportunity to:

make some money,
gain experience,
network, and
try out your career path.

What good is a co-op program?
A co-op program helps you:

clarify your career plans,
apply the theories you are learning in school,
learn how to promote yourself,
gain work experience and exposure,
expand your network, and
finance your education.
How do I get into a co-op program?
First you have to find out Canadian school program, then you have to apply. Once you are accepted, you will have to:

prepare a concise resume,
view  posted job descriptions,
apply to the jobs that interest you, and
go through the interview process.

Does everyone in a co-op program get a job?
The vast majority of students in co-op programs do get jobs. For the few students who don’t find a co-op job through the interview process, the options could be:

find your own discipline-related employment,
return to your school for another academic term, and
find unrelated employment in order to earn next term’s tuition.

Need more information?
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