Finding a Co-op Job

Developing Your Own Co-op Job

If you want to work in a specific industry or business area you may wish to develop your own co-op job. To ensure that you have a valuable co-op learning experience, Hineni Business has the following restrictions on what qualifies as a co-op job and certain procedures you must follow:

  1. To qualify as a co-op placement your job must meet the following criteria:

    1. it must last at least 13 weeks in duration, and at consist of least 35 hours per week of work;
    2. be paid employment;
    3. provide you with a learning experience, which is relevant to your studies and/or career interests (you are required to identify learning objectives and expectation for the work term with your employer); and
    4. your employer must be aware that this is a co-op position and be willing to provide supervision, evaluate your performance, and have a mid-term work site visit conducted by a co-op coordinator.
  2. Documentation that you need in order to have your job reviewed and approved by your co-op coordinator:

    1. a written description of the job (you should discuss this with your potential employer); and
    2. a written offer of employment (letter of offer) from your potential employer.
  3. Process and paperwork required:

    1. you must submit your letter of offer and job description no later than a week prior to your first day of the work term—failure to do so may result in the work term not being approved and registered; and
    2. work term fees are due and payable to agency Services by the end of the first month of the work term.
  4. Once your job has been approved as a co-op work term, you must complete the entire work term as agreed. While on your work term:

    1. your co-op coordinator will conduct a mid-term, on-site visit with both you and your supervisor;
    2. your supervisor will be asked to give a final evaluation of your performance on the work term; and
    3. you are required to write a work term report (to be submitted no later than the 15th of the month following the work term)


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