Canadian experience class

This new inmigration class is a proposed new avenue for certain temporary foreign workers and foreign student graduates with Canadian work experience. Unlike other existing programs, the Canadian Experience Class will allow certain temporary foreign workers and certain foreign student graduates with managerial, professional, or technical or trade work experience to apply to become permanent residents, and eventually Canadian citizens. All applicants, depending on their occupational skill level, will be required to proof either basic or moderate language skills.

The Canadian Experience Class Immigration is one more measure this government is proposing to make our immigration system more attractive and accessible to individuals with diverse skills from around the world, and more responsive to Canada’s labour market needs. This new proposed avenue for immigration would also go further to spread the benefits of immigration into smaller centres across Canada.

Through the Canadian Experience Class Immigration, newcomers will be more likely to make the most of their abilities while undergoing a more seamless social and economic transition to Canada. And, in turn, their cultural and economic contributions will enrich Canada.

As temporary foreign workers and foreign students are generally spread out across Canada and contribute to the growth of smaller communities as well as metropolitan areas. Individuals applying for permanent residence through this experience class immigration could apply from within Canada while continuing to work and continuing to contribute to their local communities.

The Canadian Experience Class comes after a number of recent initiatives the government has undertaken to help newcomers succeed and to help make Canada a more attractive destination for skilled individuals from around the world. These initiatives include changes to the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program; the establishment of the Foreign Credentials Referral Office; increased investments in language training and other programs and services aimed at helping newcomers successfully settle and integrate into their new communities; and, most recently, changes to the immigration system that would allow for priority processing of certain skilled applicants and reduced wait times for those wanting to immigrate to Canada.

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