Working in Canada – tips for working in Canada II

So you you want to work in Canada?  Its tempting isn’t it?  But it’s not for everyone.

This article reflects my own experience working in Canada and highlights some of the benefits and some of the pitfalls.  I hope this can be of use to you.

First Step

Decide where you want to go.  It is after all, best to have an idea than to go of with no-one knowing where you are going!  Be sensible!

How to choose where to go to work?

Try and limit your potential location by considering the following points:

Do you know anyone who lives Canada?  This can be a major advantage to you when making contacts, finding accommodation and looking for work.

Do you want to travel around a bit?  Choosing an initial “safe” destination (where you are not too far from home or know someone or have already secured employment) so if doesn’t work out you can always head back to Canada easily.  It will also ease you in to a foreign culture, which will be valuable experience for further travels if you have to.

Look into the skills gaps in various destinations.  Then see if your particular skills can fit into those gaps?  You will find it much easier to get work that way.

What can you afford to spend?  You may be lucky and have a job to go to or are able to find one quickly when you arrive.  But you will still have to fork out rent and other expenses and may not be paid straight away.

Starting off  traveling in Canada

Ok, you still can’t decide where to go and you haven’t secured a job anywhere. 

Still, you are determined to go. Your best is to if not our tour package register at a few travel sites and find a cheap package deal in one of the destinations you want to go to.

Try to persuade someone to come along with you for a holiday.  At the very least you will have a week or fortnight’s worth of accommodation and food while you look for work.

If you don’t have any luck, then you go home from a holiday to do whatever you did before you left.  If you find a job, then getting somewhere to stay on isn’t such a burden.

Finding Work  in Canada

There are plenty of jobs about, they are most likely not what you are looking for though! For instant easy jobs that require no experience (but if you have some it will stand you in good stead) try:

Bar work

PR (handing out fliers – good for the social life!)

Sales (in a resort, on the street, telesales)

Admin work (most countries have recruitment agencies kicking about somewhere)

They’re not the most pleasant jobs in the world, but you are more likely to get paid daily or weekly.

Its not what you know – its who you know!  Cheesy, but true!

While you are working away, chat to your co-workers and your bosses.  Let them know what skills you have and how they could apply to the business.  I’m sure most of you do that as standard, but if you don’t – try to make a point of it!

If you don’t have the experience to do something, but know you can – be honest!  Tell you potential boss that!  The worst that can happen is that they’ll remember for the future.  Most of all – enjoy your experience working in Canada!

Best of luck!

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