Tips for Working in Canada

Summary: Many people believe a stint Canada will not only broaden their cultural horizons but potentially improve their ongoing career prospects as well – if you too are planning on working in Canada for a period of time here are our top five tips for a successful relocation in one of the most beutiful countries on Earth and smooth transition into a new work place.

The number of professionals of working age who decide to spend a period of time working abroad is on the increase annually.

1) The Country:Canada

The province you choose to move to may well be dictated by your profession and the ability to find suitable employment there – alternatively, if you’re looking for a fairly casual contract of employment your province of choice and options may be far broader.  Whichever province you choose you need to consider the quality of life achievable, the likely employment prospects available and the affordability of that province in relation to the amount you can realistically earn.

Quite possibly you already have a favourite Canada’s destination in mind – one where the weather’s better, the scenery more impressive and the lifestyle suitably attractive.  Just make sure you bear in mind the points mentioned in the previous paragraph and ensure that your dreams for your new social and working life can be fulfilled by your chosen destination.

2) Permissions

Depending on the province you herald from and the one in which you’d now like to work, certain visas, permits, permissions and approval may be required to enter, reside there and take up a job.  Make sure you check out all the requirements before making a commitment to a country and find out whether it’ll be easier for you to get all your permissions if you have an offer of employment already.  If this is the case then you would be best advised to locate suitable employment before relocating if at all practical and possible.

3) Your Qualifications

In some Canadian provinces many standard university and further education qualifications translate like for like.  Some professional qualifications however do not translate and different countries have different standards, working practices and governing bodies that people with certain qualifications operating in certain trades or professions will have to have translated.  Alternatively they may have to apply to have their qualifications recognised or to take examinations or practical tests to prove their ability. 

If you require certain qualifications and permissions to conduct your professional business, ensure you check out the rules for your trade in the country you’re interested in moving to. we can help for fee for this service.

4) Company Relocation

As many companies embrace globalisation and expand to open up to new markets worldwide, opportunities sometimes present themselves that allow for an employee to take a secondment overseas or even relocate to fulfil a permanent role abroad.  If you’re in such a position and you decide to move with your company you should ensure the company will help make the move as smooth as possible for you, your spouse and family. Ask if they have a branch here in Canada.

Some companies reimburse you fully for all your relocation expenses and may even offer classes and ongoing support and assistance to help make the move abroad that much easier for the entire family.  Moving abroad will be a stressful experience – there’s no two ways about it – so make sure you accept all the help on offer, that way your own experience of working and living abroad will be that much more pleasant.

5) Taxation

Don’t forget that some countries have an even more restrictive taxation regime than your own!  Check out the rates of tax you’ll be liable for based on the country you’re interested in moving from and the salary you can expect to earn.  Remember that as an expatriate living abroad you’re entitled to all the tax breaks offered in your new country of residence and you may also be entitled to more breaks especially if you have to support two households. 

As an expatriate you may also be able to benefit from the world of business and investing in Canada and this is an area you should take a little time to explore as it could allow you to save yourself tax and have more money to spend on enjoying your new life abroad. we are here to help, as provides end-to-end relocation, cross- cultural training and destination services for people moving to and from Canada.

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