Consider working in Canada?

International careers are built step-by-step in order to build up your international credentials. International employers want to hire people with a high international I.Q. You need to assure your future international employers that you understand the cross-cultural work place, that you have the skills to navigate and be successful when working in places that are different from you home. here are some tips

  • Being proficient in English is the most important aspect for succeeding professionally in  North America either Canada or US.
  • A combination of career coaching and trial work experience can help you achieve a similar end or gain such international skills.
  • Take internationally focused courses.
  • Align yourself with professors who have international interest.
  • Land a professional international internship.
  • Get a Canadian visa or Canadian work authorization. Unless you are prepared to immigrate right away, it is hard for an individual to get a work visa in a specific province on their own. The one BIG exception to all the above is teaching French in Canada. Because as other parts of the World there are interested people trying to learn French, one of the official languages of Canada you can choose the province of your choice and find work on your own.
  • Stay attuned to Canadian cultural norms.

Coming to Canada for a month, a semester, a year, will change your life forever and broaden your professional and personal horizons.

Go forth and enjoy Canada and its people.

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