Canada’s Entrepreneurial Economy through Smart Labour solutions

Business Immigration Program is designed for foreign business people who wish to obtain permanent resident status in Canada. Candidates can be awarded the status if they can prove their intention and ability to set up a business or invest in Canada.

Canadian immigration programs for investors and entrepreneurs are ever-increasing in popularity among foreign business people as the most established and developed in the world. As a result Canada accepts close to six thousand applications and annually provides permanent residence to 15,000 business immigrants and their dependants.

The popularity of the Program is based on the factors that can provide any business with many advantages. Canada’s economic fundamentals are sound, and its economy is highly competitive. The Canadian workforce is unrivalled in terms of knowledge, education and skill level, and is also stable. Canada offers an excellent business infrastructure and the cost of doing business in the country is quite low. Canadian companies have entry to the world’s largest markets through the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) — and are a vital presence in Asia, Europe and around the world.

Besides, Canada offers a superb quality of life: a safe, just and equitable society, excellent health and social programs, a reasonable cost of living, affordable first class education, a world-renowned natural environment, dynamic cities and a rich cultural life.

After three years of residing in Canada business immigrants are eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship. Canadian citizens may travel to the US and many other countries without a visa.

Business applicants can choose between the immigration programs managed by the Federal government and the programs exclusively managed by the provincial governments.

Exploratory trip

Both the federal and provincial governments strongly advise Business Immigrants to make an exploratory trip to familiarize themselves with the place and get a more realistic sense of the opportunities and challenges of their business project in the province that they want to start business and settle with their families.

We offer such services as exploratoy trips and tours ! Write us at, or call Mrs Diaz at                 647.448.2052       .  We welcome your questions and feedback!

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