Canadian hiring trends

Though 2008 was wrought with layoffs and economic struggles, the coming New Year means rejuvenated hope for job seekers. While several companies continue to make mass layoffs, other companies are shifting their focus to hire aggressively in the beginning of 2009.  “This is a difficult economy, no doubt. However, I would caution job seekers to be thoughtful about whom they are going to work for and not act out of desperation. There are some very strong companies with solid ethics in need of employees eager to be a part of a thriving organization.”

If you’re an International Worker or Student who wants to Work in canada here are the trends and jobs employers are hiring for now:

1. List goes for

The 10 hottest jobs in Canada

  1. Financial manager
  2. Skilled tradesperson
  3. College or vocational school teacher
  4. Dentist or dental hygienist
  5. Computer and information systems managers
  6. University professor
  7. Human resource specialist or manager
  8. Pharmacist
  9. Registered nurse
  10. Retail manager

2. List goes for  types of jobs

1.     Attorneys

2.     Business deposition consultants

3.     Technical accounting research consultants

4.     Senior certified fraud examiners 

5.     Simulation/video game software developers

Temporary, temporary-to-hire and direct-hire positions

6.    Chemists

7.    Substitute teachers

8.    Customer service representatives

9.    FBI Academy logistician

10.  Intelligence analyst
11.  Machinists/machine operators

12.  Skilled trades (electricians, welders, plumbers, etc.)

13.  Sales representatives

14.  Mechanics

15.  Production operators

16.  Staff and senior accountants

17.  Credit and collections specialists

18.  Web developers

19.  Help desk professionals

20.  Data entry specialists

21.  Chief financial officers/controllers

22.  Directors of purchasing

23.  Footwear designers

24.  Senior marketing managers

25.  Thermoplastics materials engineers

26.  Electrical engineers

27.  Mechanical engineers

28.  Civil engineers

29.  Procurement and schedulers

30.  Boiler designers

O. By Rachel Zupek

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