Temporary Work Permits

Work Permit Required, But NO Confirmation

There are jobs, particularly in senior management categories, where labour market considerations do not apply. The following categories require a work permit, but grant exemption from the need to obtain a job confirmation:
Intra-company Transferees including senior executives, managers, or employees with specialized knowledge. The employee must have been employed with a related company for at least one year and have a letter from the company explaining that the employee is being transferred temporarily to a permanent establishment of that company in Canada.

Companies seeking to recruit computer software professionals can benefit from the Information Technology Worker Program. This collaborative project between Citizenship and Immigration Canada, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Industry Canada and the Software Human Resources Council of Canada was set up to assist the Canadian software industry to meet industry needs for skilled workers. The program allows for the recruitment of qualified foreign software workers in seven software development areas without obtaining a specific confirmation from HRSDC. Applicants must apply at a visa office abroad (US citizens and permanent residents may apply at a port of entry) and present a job offer letter detailing the specific duties of the position being offered, and have evidence of their education, training and work experience establishing their ability to meet the requirements of one of the seven job descriptions. (available to Subscribers) 

Spouses of highly skilled work permit holders may apply for their own work permit without the need for a confirmation. In order to qualify, the applicant’s spouse must have been approved for a work permit valid for six months or more in a management or high skill occupation as defined in the National Occupation Classification. The applicant does not need to have a written offer of employment from a Canadian employer in order to apply. Applications from spouses already admitted to Canada may be made by mail to the Case Processing Centre . A spouse includes common-law or married partner.

Canadian companies may be able to transfer foreign workers when it can be demonstrated that specific reciprocal employment opportunities exist for Canadians because of the recruitment of these individuals. For example, a Canadian company that maintains an exchange program whereby Canadian employees are relocated abroad to a subsidiary company may benefit from this provision to transfer international staff to its Canadian operations.
Persons starting a business that will create a significant economic benefit through employment for Canadian residents or other economic activity may qualify for a self-employed work permit. Persons applying under this provision are strongly advised to research their business idea thoroughly and to prepare a comprehensive business plan. 

Further details and information about the requirements for these, and other, work permit categories are available at our  Temporary Foreign Worker Subscriber’s page.

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