Getting a Job in Canada

Passing an eligibility test or failing it does not mean you will or will not be allowed to live and work in Canada. 
Though it may take a bit more effort,  Find a job and secure a great new lifestyle! there should be many opportunities for employment as long as you follow the right process.

Get legal. No matter which country you move from, you will need permission from the government to live and work here. Regardless of whom you work for and where that company resides, if you are going to remain in Canada during your employment term, you need a working visa . This is a process not to be taken lightly, as it affects your approval to stay in Canada.
Prepare your résumé. This is perhaps the single-most important step of this process. Your resume not only depicts your skills and achievements, but it also reflects who you are. It needs to look professional, eye-catching and yet simple. No more than 2 fonts should be used, ever, and be consistent with formatting. Only include jobs that reflect skills needed in the new job, if possible. And make the effort to have someone proofread for errors. It needs to be polished. Perhaps even consider hiring someone to complete this for you, as an ‘investment’ in your new career. As well, have available samples of your work, references and proof of your education. Your résumé should be user-friendly for potential employers. Check your social site at the door. Potential employers will take the time to learn more about you than you’ve provided on your résumé, so make sure anything you have published online is something you would share in an interview. Otherwise, they will uncover information about you and your personal life that will ultimately deter them from hiring you. If you don’t know just register in this page for sample it will be worthy.
Apply, apply, apply. If you’re looking for a job, register in our job listing service. Make sure that everything in your application is error-free and professional (including cover letters). Tell the employer why you would benefit their company. Stand out from other applicants by taking initiative. Follow-up through email or telephone afterwards, showing that you are an available and accessible employee, regardless of your location.
Nail the interview. Make yourself available for an interview, if need be, through online videoconferencing . Be prepared by researching the company and review the skills you have that will most benefit your potential employer. If you’re limited to written applications only, take the same approach. Interviews are not the time to be modest. Sell yourself and your skills. Landing your Canadian job is easy enough as long as you take the right steps. Prove yourself to be a valuable employee, and you’ll surely land yourself a job no matter where you live.

Mary Diaz emigrated to Canada from the USA. She has a personal insight into the emigration process having carried out the formalities singlehandedly. She would like you to benefit directly from a person ‘in the know’. The immigration need not take years nor cost the earth and is not actually that complicated when you know how.

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