Canadian arranged employment

Which is better, applying for immigration after obtaining a work-permit or searching for a job after immigrating to Canada?
The answer depends on your particular circumstances. If you meet the current pass-mark, it would be better to apply immediately because the pass-mark may be changed – as may the selection-criteria and eligible occupations – and selection standards must be met both when upon application and when the selection decision is made many months later. Thus, by the time you find a job, you might no longer qualify to immigrate.

For those who do not reach the pass-mark, arranged employment may be the cure because it generated ten (10) to fifteen (15) points. However, those who have secured arranged employment are not permitted to work in Canada until they have immigrated.

On the other hand, if, even with those additional points, you cannot reach the pass-mark, you might wish to obtain a work-permit in order to prove to a visa-officer that you have the ability to support yourself in Canada. If so, you could still be approved for immigration even though you cannot reach the pass-mark.

Job Offer Validation Exemptions:

Fortunately, Immigration Canada provides exemptions to certain categories of Job Offers from the requirement of prior HRDC Confirmation: 

·     Under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) / Canada-    Chile Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA); 

·     Under the General Agreement On Trade In Services (GATS); 

·     For individuals whose activities will provide significant benefit to Canada; and 

·     Under the Pilot Project for Software Professionals and the Pilot Project for Spouses of Highly-Skilled Temporary Workers

What is an arranged employment?
Arranged Employment’ requires approval from  Canada’s Department of Labour. In order to obtain approval, the following conditions must be satisfied:
the employer must have been operating for at least one year;
the job must be managerial or Skill Level A or B and
the compensation offered must be sufficient to attract
a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. Advertising the position is not required.

Can Hineni Media. secure ‘arranged employment’ for me?
Quite possibly. It depends on your professional experience and qualifications. If you are not subscribe to our job listing databased we have access to Canadian lawyers and ‘head-hunters’ and are, therefore, in a position – for a fee – to obtain ‘arranged employment’ for those seeking to immigrate to Canada or simply subscribe to our job listing database, as Immigration Canada normally requires that a firm job offer from a Canadian employer is present prior to applying for an Employment Authorization.

May I visit Canada while my application for permanent residence is still in process?
Technically, yes, but practically, no. Although Immigration Canada states that intending immigrants may, despite that intention, also intend to visit Canada temporally while their immigrant-visa application is pending, all too many visa-officers ignore that provision. However, those who have a bona fide basis for making an exploratory visit should be issued a visitor-visa. Request from those who have applied in the Business Class are generally accepted, but, for skilled-worker applicants, the odds are much lower – unless they are going to seek ‘arranged employment’ and have potential employers’ information in hand.

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