Skilled Migrants Vs Low skilled Migrants

It certainly will be difficult if you have no formal education with a degree, nor any experience. Read the sticky posts regarding work visas here, and maybe have a poke around .  That’ll give you an idea of what you’d need to qualify for a Work visa.

Given the economy here in Canada and  the US, its going to be more and more difficult for low skiled migrants  to get Work visa’s. We are guessing, regardless of qualifications. For every 1 migrant who wants to get an employer to sponsor them, there are thousands of Canadians  already here and willing to work for same job, no paperwork required.

And what makes you think you could immigrate illegally with no problems? Whoever tell you that is a (piece of cake). If you want to make a life for yourself here, doing it illegally is not the way to do it. How do you propose to support yourself if you can’t get a job? What do you do if you get caught and deported? OR tossed in jail? They can do that you know. There are lots of immigrants sitting in holding cells for years even, just because they’re here illegally. And they don’t notify your home country authorities anymore. They just lock you in there and forget about you.  whoever tell you that advice is bad advice . do it legally we are here to help.

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