Employer sponsorship

Case#1 : How do you get an employer sponsorship for a visa to allow you to work in Ontario, Canada. You  fall into the category of skilled worker but you  need a Canadian to give you a job. You have no family out there?

First of all, yes, you can be sponsored for a visa by a Canadian employer. But you have to have a good relationship with your employer or future employer, and ask him/her/them to sponsor you ( it would be even better and easier if they would offer to sponsor you, of course). Also most likely they (the company) would do all your paperwork. Here’s the biggest hurdle: Employment visas or work Visas (they’re called something like that) for unskilled workers are very, very hard to get; almost impossible while. It would be much easier if you are college  or unversity educated with a degree on a field in demand of workers in Canada. And yes you would be working in that field/career and with that company to get your visa.

An employer in Canada can hire anyone from any country.

First, the Canadian employer must communicate to the employee on what salary, job hours and requirements to be agreed upon. Then work on an employee-employer work contract which is a form  obtained.

Next, the Canadian employer must check the qualifications of that employee. To work in a food service company, one prospective applicant must have work experience of at least two years in a company that has similar experience required by the employer in Canada, and must have completed any college degree.

Next, the Canadian employer must post within job boards and job listings in Canada for that particular job availability for one week. Remember that the Government of Canada favors any willing Canadians to do the job first before accepting somebody from the outside.

Next, if no Canadian was willing or fit for that job, the employer goes to HRSDC bringing all their company business licenses, income statement, tax documents, the employee-employer work contract from that person outside Canada and apply for an sponsorship.

Next, if an sponsorship was approved by HRSDC, then the Canadian employer sends a copy of that sponsorship to the prospective employee, and that sponsorship will be included in their application for a work permit and visa to enter Canada.

If the Canadian employer is located in Quebec, an additional document called a CAQ is needed to help the employee file one’s visa application outside of Canada.

Now, if the applicant is inside of Canada, it depends on what visa is that person carrying. If it is a temporary visitor visa, then one can wait for the sponsorship to come out within the visas’ prescribed time, which is i think 90 days maximum, but the work permit as far as I know must be obtained from the applicant’s country of residence.

    • Preeti TOTARAM
    • August 12th, 2009

    My husband is actually working as Senior Accounts Clerk in an Insurance company (SICOM Ltd) and self is working as Senior Administrative Assistant at Air Mauritius. We wish if someone can sponsor us to migrate in Canada.

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