Working in Canada

Canada has undergone a period of unprecedented growth over the past 10 years. Add to that a low unemployment rate and an ageing population and the result is that a number of occupational categories are reporting a desperate need for skilled personnel to be working in Canada.

Canada businesses are increasingly looking overseas for skilled migrants who can plug the skills shortage gap and help the country to grow. This works out as a ‘win – win’ situation, as it also enables migrants to emigrate to a safe and beautiful country. 

Canada consistently rates as having a high standard of living in international reports, with good job prospects on offer for potential migrants.   Additionally, Canada’s foreign workforce find it easy to settle in to the relaxed atmosphere of working in Canada. The people are friendly, the wages are excellent and there is a strong focus on family and a healthy work/life balance.

HIneni Media job listing service can offer assistance in finding jobs in Canada for migrants working in any of the skills categories below, provided they have the qualifications and experience required by the Canada employer.

Applicants who have permanent job offers in Canada are eligible to receive 10 points under the Arranged Employment category, which could be crucial to the applicant successfully meeting the current pass mark. 

An occupation approved by Human Resources and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) is an indication that skilled foreign workers are required to address an immediate Canadian skill or labour shortage. Permanent residence applications submitted with the job offer are therefore put on the Canadian visa fast-track, and are processed more quickly than those without job offers; typically the waiting time is reduced from 4 years to just 12 months.

The occupation list is broken down into the following 3 major skills categories:
Health Services

Should you find the occupation that matches your own, meet the basic requirements and successfully take advantage of our Job listing Service, then you could enjoy stress-free arrival in Canada with no job hunting necessary. 

The benefits are obvious; take an online assessment, and attach your CV to apply.  In return, we will contact you within 48 hours for a no-obligation consultation instructing you of your chances of securing a job offer in Canada with the assistance of our job search database.

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