Beautiful environments to attract students

The natural environment has always been a key factor in attracting students from other countries. Canada, known as “America’s backyard”, is the most inhabitable country, as well as the world’s most spectacular nation for overseas study. Study costs in Canada, compared with other major countries, are slightly lower. With a relatively stable visa policy and attractive immigration policy, Canada has been attracting a large number of Chinese students for years.

Canada has also welcomed more and more students to study, offering a good living environment and desirable lifestyle. It boasts  outstanding colleges and universities, creating better prospects for employment and immigration after students graduate. Canada Education Research Center stated that students can apply for visas even without taking an English proficiency test. This is an important reason why more international students intend to study in the country.

An elegant environment, bilingual lifestyle, international academic atmosphere and prudent management are the most attractive advantages of study in Canada. Bilingual language proficiency has been a fundamental requirement for residents in this country. Students in the country can benefit from a world-class education, with a guarantee of an excellent degree of higher education. Residents living in one of the most beautiful countries in North America, enjoy life’s real pleasures

Canada’s diversified culture also provides international students with relatively more opportunities for employment and personal development. Recently, it offered a number of vocational training programs such as TAFE to Chinese students.  In addition, the Canadian government allows students to apply for working visas, valid for one or two years after graduation. As a result, Canada has become one of the most popular countries to study English.

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